Melbourne Ballet School Parent and Guardian Code of Conduct

Parents and guardians are an important and valued part of the Melbourne Ballet School. We have developed strict guidelines for everyone in our organisation on how to behave around children in our care.

I will:

  • unconditionally support the health and safety of all children at the studio
  • speak with respect to all children, staff and teachers
    • No yelling
    • No indecent language
    • No abusive tone
    • No singling out 
  • report any incidents of bullying or abuse immediately to the studio owner
  • allow staff and teachers to make decisions in the best interest of the students. I will discuss any concerns privately and calmly with the teacher and/or studio owner.
  • encourage my child(ren) and other children at the studio in a positive and supportive manner
  • be a positive member of the studio’s community and offer support where possible
  • keep children home from dance class if they are unwell or injured and seek appropriate medical advice
  • communicate directly with staff of a students absence and provide detailed information of illness or injury if appropriate and has an impact on their lessons or other children
  • work with the studio to manage my child's injury in a positive and supportive way
  • Follow all codes of conduct in place for special events including concerts
  • Collect my child(ren) from classes and rehearsals on time and communicate with staff directly if i will be late

I will not:

  • force my child(ren) to dance if they do not want to
  • force my child to dance injured or sick
  • speak negatively about the staff, teachers or studio in a way that creates a toxic and unhealthy environment  
  • post pictures of other children publicly via social media or any other platforms.
  • threaten staff, students or teachers in any way
  • touch another student in an aggressive or abusive way
  • behave in a competitive manner in front my child(ren) or other children within or outside of the studio including on social media platforms